Customer Reviews

"I have drunk Bromley Tea over many years and it still hits the spot." Patricia

"I have been using Bromley Tea for many years. In my opinion, it is the best on the market. Due to health reasons, I could not drink tea because of the acid in it.  Bromley's Estate tea does not seem to have much in it. It makes the BEST iced tea !!!!! Great smooth tea. Flavorful, not bitter." Joan

"I can purchase tea for less at the Super Market, but then I must search, pick up and use what is available. Quality and service balances out in my favor. I get what I want at my door. My Weight Loss Club liked the suggestion of using Bromley Golden Chamomile Tea to calm our self and control our emotions before and while eating! I passed out samples and gave out the Bromley Tea Website address. Likely others will order too. I delight in promoting Bromley Tea because it is so good, packaged good and delivery is prompt. My wife and I have met our weight loss goal, but we are still working at keeping our weight right by eating healthy and drinking healthy Bromley herbal teas!" Harley

"I was very happy to learn that I could buy Bromley Golden Chamomile tea right from the company.  It is great tea and I buy it by the case at a terrific price.

This time, I purchased it around the holidays and for some reason the order got hung up in shipping, and then got tossed back and forth between Stanford CT and Hartford several times before being delivered to my home. I had contacted Customer Service, who responded immediately.

So I finally got my order, but the day it was delivered, we were not at home, and the wind and rain had blown it off the step into the path of the rain gutter and carton was completely soaked. But the boxes inside were wrapped and sealed and no water got into the tea. Happy ending, I got the tea I love!" Lori

"I first bought this product (decaf tea) while on vacation and couldn't find a local source for it at home.  When I checked the company website, I was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable pricing.  My order was processed quickly and shipped in a timely manner.  The quality and value of the product is excellent.  I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for excellent decaf tea." Angela

"Great tea, great price, great company." Judith

"If all companies were like Bromley, I would shop exclusively on-line!" Paul

"Great tasting Tea and I need decaffeinated. Will buy again, for sure!" Carl

"The best tasting green tea on the planet with a very responsive company and a simple to negotiate website. Thank you." Edward

"After not being able to find my tea at any of the stores in my area, I was thrilled to have found it online. I purchased a case to make sure I have enough for the winter months. All my family and friends like it. I will try new flavors come spring and summer. Thanks for a great tea and a fast and convenient form of purchasing it. Service was right on with info as well." Thelma

"Excellent service and products.Their new organic green tea is very good." Pat

"The Bromley Tea Company makes an excellent product and it is the only tea that is consistent in its flavor. It is never bitter." Angela

"Order accuracy to date over the past several years has been 100%. I received my last order in a timely manner. Great tasting product." Michael

"Very pleased with ease of ordering from catalog. Rapid confirmation of order.  Payment form simple to use. Thank you for making my shopping experience so pleasant" Karen

"Overall, it is always a great shopping experience with Bromley Tea, as we can't seem to find their product in our locale. Beth is the best." David

"This was my first time shopping at Bromley Tea Company and it was wonderful. I love their tea, but have trouble finding it all of the time so I decided to order it directly online. The experience was as easy and good as the tea. Thank you for asking for my opinion." Lesley

"I received A++++ service from the Bromley Tea Company, which makes the best  general distribution tea. For the price, this tea is a total bargain. Thank you to customer service for attention to delivery details  and fast response to query." Susan

Surely one of THE most impressive on-line sellers. I continue to be impressed with the shopping experience at their Web site, their shipping time, and the product (decaffeinated tea). This product is the only tea product my wife will drink. I highly recommend." David

"Love the tea and the fantastic customer service!" Adrienne

"I have ordered from The Bromley Tea Company several times. The order is always processed accurately and e-mail notifications are sent giving order status updates. I have had good experiences with The Bromley Tea Company. Their customer service (Beth) is friendly and responsive." Michael

"Bromley Tea Company was fantastic. I will shop there again and I will recommend this to my friends and family. Thank you Bromley Tea Company. Thank you." Cherie

"I can't imagine that an on-line purchase gets any better than this. Kudos, as well, to Beth at Bromley." Rhonda

"When I was a child and you weren't feeling well or did something to be rewarded for, mom would make you a cup of tea with milk and sugar. My two sisters and I carried this tradition on for over sixty years.  As I got older I tried different teas but couldn't get the flavor I wanted.

I first found Bromley Tea at the Mor for Less store in Franklin,PA. When they quit carrying your brand I went into a panic. My sister from Montana was visiting and she also liked the taste of Bromley. She did some investigating and found your website. Now we are both happy and order often. I get two cases and use one to give when visiting friends.

I don't understand why the stores in the Northeast Ohio or Western PA region do not carry your product but it is just as easy to order on line. Thanks." Maggie

"Have been purchasing from the Bromley Tea Company for three years and have the service has been terrific." Alice

"I've ordered from Bromley Tea several times before; service and product quality has always been great! The website is structured so that you can find exactly what you want easily. You know exactly what you will be charged; no hidden fees. The product arrived in a very timely fashion and was packaged so as not to harm the boxes of tea. Great tea and equally great ordering experience." Wanda

"It would be wonderful if all companies were like this. They are just OUTSTANDING!!" Paul