Decaffeinated Green Tea

At the foot of Mount Koyo in eastern Kyoto, sits the Ginkaku-ji Temple, with a garden of pure white sand meticulously raked to give the impression of looking at Mt. Fuji from the sea. It was here that I had my introduction to Zen. Years later, I learned how to achieve a sense of calm from forming my own sand patterns in a miniature rock garden. One day as I sat, drawing a tiny rake along the sand, I realized that the best way to share this serenity with you would be in a pot of Decaffeinated Green Tea. My Zen in a cup. – C. Bromley

Bromley's Decaffeinated Green Tea is a unique tea of remarkable character. Smooth and flowery and decaffeinated with only pure effervesence. This tea is a modern classic.

Bromley's Decaffeinated Green Tea is packed 6 boxes to a case. Each box contains 24 tea bags. $19.45 per case.

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