Temple of Heaven Green Tea

One morning in southeast Beijing, I found myself at the steps of the Temple of Heaven. With its blue glazed tile roofs and colorful patterns, the temple was designed to reflect the Chinese saying "Round Heaven and Square Earth". As I sat there transfixed on a group of Tai-Chi practitioners flowing in slow motion from one position to another, I lost myself, and my worries to a steaming cup of Green Tea. I can't recall if my experience lasted five minutes or three hours, but I can tell you that every time I want to relax and do something good for my heart and soul I curl up with a hot cup of my Temple of Heaven Green Tea. – C.Bromley

Bromley's Temple of Heaven Green Tea is a fresh China Green tea with a sweet clean taste. It's good for the heart and good for the soul. A treat for all the senses.

Bromley's Temple of Heaven Green Tea is packed 6 boxes to a case. Each box contains 24 tea bags. $19.45 per case.

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