Tropical China Black Tea

In the village of Dongkou in the county of Huishui has within its boundaries one of the most well-preserved paper-making workshops in China.  There I sat on a small stone bench, watching the craftspeople husk bamboo and hemp. In my hand was my uniquely blended cup of Tropical China Black. As I sipped quietly from it, I found myself comparing the tea to my surroundings. For in its flavour mingle the traditions of ancient China with tropical impressions of flowers and fruit. This, I thought, is where the Old World meets the new. –C. Bromley

Hand selected teas and herbs from across continents to stop time for a brief moment

Bromley's Tropical China Black tea is a rich blend of China Black teas and exotic tropical fruits. High in disease fighting antioxidants and great tasting. every sip will make you feel like you're on your favorite tropical island.

Bromley's Tropical China Black Tea is sold 6 boxes to a case. Each box contains 24 tea bags. $19.45 per case.

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